Author: Tod Long

Getting the Family Involved with Budgeting

A lot of times when your family isn’t involved with budgeting your finances they don’t understand when times are tight. They don’t understand when you have a lot of bills due and you can’t afford to go out to eat or buy the cool short at the department store. When they think money grows on […]

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College Savings Plans for Your Kids

It’s never too early to start saving for college and your child’s ongoing educational expenses. These days, there is such a variety, it’s probably not a case of either/or so much as which investment options to include to create a tax-saving portfolio that will meet your familyís needs. Getting Started The first step is to […]

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How a ‘Health Savings Account’ Can Save You Money

A Health Savings Account is a tax-favored savings account combined with a qualifying HSA insurance plan. By allowing you to deposit tax-deductible funds into a savings account that you can use to cover medical costs, Health Savings Accounts enable you to take control of your own health care decisions. In order to qualify, you must […]

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Types of IRA and Their Tax Benefits

IRA – There are a number of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Each offers its own tax benefits. Here’s a quick summary of what you need to know. 1. Traditional IRA The traditional IRA has a number of notable features. * The annual tax-deductible contributions are based on income level. * The contributions are paid with […]

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