This 50-year-old is a successful HR executive. She’s changing firms and would like more control over her investment choices.

She loved her job as human resources director, but an opportunity she couldn’t pass up landed in her lap.  She knew she could roll her current 401(k) to her new employer, but she wanted to explore other rollover options where she had more investing choices.

Over her career, she felt upset watching her 401(k) plan go up and down with the whims of the market. She didn’t want yet another take it or leave it menu of investment options. Instead, she wanted a solution that would diversify her investments and reduce her anxiety. We worked with her to analyze her situation, and together we came up with a plan to meet her needs. She then rolled over her 401(k) from her previous firm to an IRA. That IRA is now invested in an array of conservative to moderate investment choices that simply aren’t available in either of the 401(k) plans she had access to. She feels that this flexibility is a strong complement to her overall investment strategy. She still invests through her firm’s 401(k) plan (to take advantage of the tax deduction and company match), yet she now has a widely-diversified IRA to smooth the ups and downs that her new 401(k) experiences.

In the end, we helped her develop a solution with smaller ups and downs, rolled over her old 401(k) into a new IRA and she began contributing to the 401(k) plan at her new employer.

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