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Tod Long


When his father first approached him about selling life insurance, Tod Long was skeptical. After all, who grows up wanting to be an insurance agent?

But after selling a few policies and realizing how much they helped his clients, Tod realized that there was a lot of potential to do good in the field. He realized that more than making money as an agent, he wanted to help people.

With willpower forged by his background in competitive sports, he decided to do just that.

Since 2004, Tod Long has helped over 3,000 clients in 26 U.S. states secure their future, fund college for their children, solve retirement savings issues, and map out personal and family budgets. His end goal is to provide all of his clients and the people he knows with peaceful, prosperous retirements, where people only work if they want to.

Tod is a proud member of the National Association of Insurance Financial Advisors, the National Ethics Association and the Association of Financial Educators.

He provides dedication, commitment to service, and a positive “can-do” attitude to help people navigate their finances.

Let Tod help you figure out your roadmap to a prosperous retirement.

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