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We look Forward To Getting to know
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We look Forward To Getting to know
you and to helping you take your
business to new heights!

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Financial Planning

Achieve your goals and secure your future with Long Financial Services financial planning. The sooner you start planning your finances, the better. With over a decade of experience, Long Financial Services can help you with life-insurance based solutions that help you make the most of your wealth or preserve your estate.

Each financial plan is individually tailored to your goals, resulting in an individualized, systematic roadmap that helps you accomplish what you want to.

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Tax-Free Retirement Planning

When you make more money, you often pay more in taxes. And when you’re retired, paying those taxes can negatively impact your standard of living and your peace of mind.

Since taxes tend to rise over time, it makes sense to plan around them. That way, your Golden Years are safe and financially secure.

Long Financial Services offers simple, easy plans for making the most of your tax-free retirement. If you’re interested in keeping more of the income you’ve earned, we can help.

401K – 403b Roll Overs

Do you have money stagnating in your 401K or 403b from previous employers? If those accounts are no longer growing because contributions have stopped, it’s time to put that money back to work. After all, you’ve earned it — so it should be growing towards your retirement.

Long Financial Services can help you determine what the best roll-over plan is for you, helping you roll your 401K or 403b into an approved IRA.

It’s time to make your money work for you.

Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Most people think of life insurance as a one-time payout after you die. But with the right policy, you can access some benefits while you’re still alive. The right policy can help you secure your future, bolster your retirement, grow your assets, or even pay for emergency medical bills.

As an independent agent, Tod Long of Long Financial Services can cooperate with over thirty different life insurance agencies to find the policy that maximizes your wealth and achieves your goals.

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Indexed Universal Life

Long Financial Services, LLC

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Featured Service

Tod Long of Long Financial Services has helped over 2,000 clients secure their futures, grow their wealth, and ensure their legacies. Here’s how he can help.

Financial Planning

Grow your wealth with an expert’s help.

Family Budgeting

Don’t sweat paying for college. Start planning now.

Tax Free Retirement

If you’re not prepared, taxes can eat into your retirement. We can stop that from happening.

IRA Road Map

Confused about IRAs? Long Financial Services can help you pick the best one.

401K / 403b Roll Over

Put your money back to work for you. Find out how you can roll your 401K / 403b into an IRA that works for you.

Living Benefits Life Insurance

Life insurance can do so much more than cover funeral costs. Discover how it can help secure your estate

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Long Financial Services serves 26 states in the U.S. and will soon expand to Canada. If you’re ready to take control of your wealth and future, use the form below to contact us.

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Our Case Studies

Long Financial Services wants to build a secure future for you and your family. As an independent agent, Tod Long brings over a decade of expertise to the table. See our case studies below to learn how he can help.

Financial Planning

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Retirement Planning

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